Rule Book

NASCAR 360 League Rule Book

League Purpose

To provide a fun, fair, and competitive online racing environment for racing enthusiasts who enjoy clean online racing.  Our goal is to offer everyone a place to race and enjoy themselves.  We strongly believe in clean driving, good sportsmanship and integrity.  We continually search for drivers who believe the same.                Last Updated: September 24th, 2017

How To Join

Joining is easy, but it does not guarantee you'll be eligible to race unless you follow all the requirements. On the navigation bar above, click "Signup"  and register with our software. All drivers also should to join our forum. 

NASCAR 360 Series

Nascar 360 runs multiple series. Each series has it's own Administrator and set of rules or points system. Please take the time to review the rules of each series you choose to run in.

1 Membership Requirement's

1.1 NASCAR 360 will follow the Sporting Code of iRacing except in cases documented in this rulebook.
1.2 Drivers must use a steering wheel.Game pads, keyboards, tilt driving, etc. are not allowed.
1.3 Drivers must have car control and a high level of awareness. If a driver cannot show proper car control by themselves or around other drivers they are subject to get a penalty or removal from the league.

2 Teams/Car numbers/Paint schemes/Manufacturers


2.1 For the purposes of the teams, each team is limited to 4 drivers in a series, and must notify league officials of their team.
2.2 No team is allowed to perform team tactics. (Examples: slowing down/running side by side to allow a teammate to gain a lead/pass a car; deliberately causing a caution; wrecking another car and deliberate restart tactics meant to gain an advantage; pushing another car around the track.)

Penalties can apply!!!!!

Car numbers

2.3 Returning drivers have right to their number from the previous season.
2.4 Once a driver selects a number, they are required to use that number for the remainder of the season unless a team change occurs.

Paint Schemes

2.5 Custom paint schemes are welcome with the use of Trading Paints, but not required.
2.6 All schemes must include a number that can clearly be read.
2.7 Custom paint schemes are not permitted that contain nudity, obscene language, racism, drug use, or offensive sponsors.


       2.8 All drivers have the freedom to choose any manufacturer they wish in any series. However, they must stay with that manufacturer for the rest of the season. (2018 rule)


3 On Track Rules and Procedures

3.1 All starts and restart will be a double file with lapped cars in the rear of the field according to iRacing.
3.2 The leader has control of the restart and may restart wherever they choose after the pace car leaves the racing surface. If the leader has not taken the green flag by the time it goes green, all drivers are free to go. All restarts can be reviewed by league admins to make sure it was a legal restart. Drivers can be penalized for jumping and passing on a start or restart of a race.
3.3 Coming to the green flag, all cars are to remain in a double file order & staying in their respective lanes.
3.4 The leader & all other cars must stay behind the pace car and keep pace speed on the track. Not keeping up pace speed can result in a black flag or an EOL. Passing the pace car is not permitted, Penalties can possibly be given and any penalties given by iRacing will not be cleared. 
3.5 All drivers are not allowed to lay back and attempt to make passes on a start or restart of a race. The only time a driver would be able permitted to change lanes is if there is an accident on track in an attempt to avoid the accident.
3.6 One “Lucky Dog” will be given per caution to the first car 1 lap down, and was not involved in the caution or received an incident by iRacing. The “Lucky Dog” will be placed at the end of the longest line.
3.7  “Wave Around's” are permitted if all lead lap cars pit under caution & providing that the 'Wave Around' eligible car does not pit.  The “Wave Around” will occur on “one lap to green”. 
3.8 Once a caution is out, all cars are too slow to a safe speed, catch up to the pace vehicle, follow at proper pace speeds, and follow the notifications iRacing gives you. 
3.9 NASCAR 360 follows the iRacing caution rulings, a caution may be thrown by a league official's, if necessary.
3.10 At Daytona & Talladega, no driver can go below the yellow line to advance their position. If a driver advances their position below the yellow line, the driver has to give the position back or receives a black flag. 
3.11 Drivers who cause an "excessive number" of cautions in an event may be asked to park based on league officials discretion. Possible penalties may apply.
3.12.1 During pit stops under caution, all drivers are required to stay on the far right side of pit road until you meet your respected pit stall. Maximum pit stalls you can go through on pit road is 3.
3.12.2 All drivers are to stay below the yellow line after pitting until the complete exit of Turn 2.
3.12.3  Pit lane shall be defined by a pair of yellow cones, one on each side of the lane, indicating the start of pit lane and a pair of green cones, one on each side of the lane, indicating the end of pit lane.

        3.13 Any driver who is/was involved in an incident that occurred to bring out a full course caution, will be given an EOL penalty.


4 Careless/Reckless Driving/Cheating/Blocking

4.1 Careless and reckless driving will not be tolerated. If a driver believes another driver is handling their car in a careless or reckless manner they should protest that driver. Replays can be reviewed. Officials will watch for careless and reckless driving closely and penalize reoccurring issues accordingly.  We are all human and make mistakes, but we also be continually learning and bettering ourselves as driver in an effort to prevent accidents in the first place. 
4.2  The leading driver is allowed to run a defensive line. Blocking is a deviation by a driver from defending position based on the action of the pursuing driver is considered blocking. See video: What is blocking?
4.3 Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. If a driver is found to be using bugs, loopholes or otherwise manipulating the system or software to gain an advantage, they will be banned permanently from the league!!

5 Connection Issues

 5.1 It is the driver's responsibility to maintain a good connection with the racing servers. Blinking cars may be asked to drop to the back or to be park during an event. We know everyone will blink from time to time, but having drivers that continually blinks during a race is not fair or safe for the other drivers racing. If you are asked to park your car, please pull off the racing surface, proceed to pit road and park your car in your pit box until connection clears.

6 Communication

6.1 All drivers are required to have working headsets during league events. No exceptions!!! TeamSpeak info is available!!!
6.2 All race chatter needs to be open at all times! There will be no tolerance for a debate of a caution/incident.
6.3 NASCAR 360 provides means for racers to communicate with one another before, during and after on-track sessions. The high emotions that are a normal part of close racing do not justify verbally abusive or other inappropriate expressions toward officials or other racers. Disrespectful communications, including foul or threatening language and insults, will not be tolerated and will lead to the penalty of the offender who is responsible. 

7 Protests

7.1 The right to protest shall rest with any NASCAR 360 member who observes the incident in question or feels any part of the official rules of NASCAR 360 have been violated. Each, alone, may protest any decision, act, or omission of NASCAR 360, an official, driver, or other person connected to the competition which the protestor believes is unfair or in violation of the official rulebook or other official regulations or rules of iRacing.

8 Appeals

8.1 Drivers may submit an appeal to the NASCAR 360 Admin 48 hours of being notified of the review outcome. This appeal must contain a replay of the entire lap before the incident, the incident, and until the car stops moving. NASCAR 360 Admin will issue a decision, which is final. 
8.2 The first appeal is free. Subsequent appeals will cost a driver 2 championship points if the appeal is filed without a replay, or fault upheld. Championship points will be returned if a fault is overturned through the appeals process.

9 Points & Championship/chase formats


Points system across all series

WIN 40 6th 35 11th 30 16th 25 21st 20 26th 15 31st 10 36th 5
2nd 39 7th 34 12th 29 17th 24 22nd 19 27th 14 32nd 9 37th 4
3rd 38 8th 33 13th 28 18th 23 23rd 18 28th 13 33rd 8 38th 3
4th 37 9th 32 14th 27 19th 22 24th 17 29th 12 34th 7 39th 2
5th 36 10th 31  15th 26 20th 21 25th 16 30th 11 35th 6 40th 1

The winning driver receives THREE bonus points.
A driver who leads a lap during a race receives ONE bonus point.
The driver who leads the most laps receives an additional ONE bonus point.

Drivers are limited to Provisional points to THREE. They are worth 20 points. (Effective immediately) 9-24-2017

Championship/chase format

Eligibility for the chase for the NASCAR series goes as follows......

  1. 10 regular season races
  2. Win a regular season race
  3. Along with 10 regular season race participation, you can also race in on points.

NASCAR 360 Cup Series: 12 Drivers, 10 Races, 2 Rounds. After the 5th race, the chase eliminates 6 drivers. The final 6 race for points. Driver with most points at the conclusion of Homestead is determined the Champion.

NASCAR 360 National Series: 10 Drivers, 10 Races, 2 Rounds. After the 5th race, the Chase eliminates 5 drivers. The final 5 race for points. Driver with most points at the conclusion of Homestead is determined the Champion. 

NASCAR 360 Truck Series: 8 Drivers, 10 Races, 2 Rounds. After the 5th race, the Chase eliminates 4 drivers. The final 4 race for points. Driver with most points at the conclusion of Homestead is determined the Champion. (2018)

10 Penalties

If a driver is penalized, it does effect that driver across all NASCAR 360 series

W = Warning (Multiple Warnings/Voilations = P1 or higher)

P1 = EOL Next race/ 3 race probation

P2 = 25 points/ EOL next 2 races/ 1 month probation acoss all series

P3 = 50 points/ 2 Week suspention/ Full racing season probation across all series

P4 = League removal